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Flooring For New Home Construction

We help you to make a choice based on your family’s needs. Flooring is the foundation for your home decor, and you don’t want to have to replace it every few years. When it comes to flooring, most people want something that is stylish and practical and not something that may fade out in a few years.

If you're building a home in Charlotte or Denver, NC, you need a flooring contractor to help you choose colors and styles that are durable and on-trend. Hire Ted Birmingham Floor Sanding and Finishing Co., LLC for the job.

Don't Settle for Subpar Flooring in Your New Commercial Space.

Start business off on the right foot with a simple, vibrant or rustic floor design from Ted Birmingham Floor Sanding and Finishing Co., LLC. We can help you:

  • Install a durable flooring material like vinyl tile
  • Add a contemporary color and texture to your space
  • Create the ambience of your retail shop or restaurant
Ted Birmingham - Floor Sanding and Finishing Co. LLC

We offer top-quality floor installation for a fair price.
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